Radim Kolarsky




  •   Salt tectonics and structural geology
  •   Salt tectonics and structural geology
  •   Relay ramps in a strike-slip fault system
  •   Structural seismic interpretation utilizing 3D volume interpretation tools and multiple seismic attribute cubes
  •   Integrated subsurface mapping based on seismic and well log interpretations
  •   Seismic images of depositional systems



  •   Well-to-seismic tie (synthetic seismograms and VSPs)
  •   Sensible integration of well and seismic interpretations
  •   Quantitative seismic attribute analysis
  •   Forward seismic modeling
  •   Reservoir quality prediction
  •   Reservoir fluid prediction
  •   AVO
  •   P-impedance inversion
  •   Lambda-Mu-Rho and Elastic Inversion
  • Velocity modeling and depth conversion
  •   Depth imaging, prestack depth migration
  •   Wellbore seismic imaging of salt
  •   Gravity inversion modeling