Radim Kolarsky



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  Salt tectonics and structural geology
  Salt tectonics and structural geology
  Relay ramps in a strike-slip fault system
  Structural seismic interpretation utilizing 3D volume interpretation tools and multiple seismic attribute cubes
  Integrated subsurface mapping based on seismic and well log interpretations
  Seismic images of depositional systems



  Well-to-seismic tie (synthetic seismograms and VSPs)
  Sensible integration of well and seismic interpretations
  Quantitative seismic attribute analysis
  Forward seismic modeling
  Reservoir quality prediction
  Reservoir fluid prediction
  P-impedance inversion
  Lambda-Mu-Rho and Elastic Inversion
Velocity modeling and depth conversion:
  Depth imaging, prestack depth migration
  Wellbore seismic imaging of salt
  Gravity inversion modeling

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