Radim Kolarsky



Training Courses I Offer

  • Integrated subsurface mapping with seismic and well data (essentials of structural seismic interpretation, well log correlations, fault picking, integration of seismic and log interpretations, structural mapping, cross sections - 5 days)
  • Essentials of depth conversion (1-day)
  • Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (well-to-seismic tie, forward seismic modeling, quantitative seismic attribute analysis, inversion, AVO, stochastic inversion, 3D reservoir modeling - 5 days)
  • Compressional Systems (essentials of stress and strain, compressional and transpressional tectonics, fold and thrust belts, applications in oil and gas exploration - 3 days)
  • Extensional Systems (extensional and transtensional tectonics, rift basins, applications in oil and gas exploration - 3 days)
  • Deepwater depositional systems (principles of gravity-driven depositional processes, turbidites vs. debrites, submarine fan depositional systems, fan facies and their implications for oil and gas exploration - 3 days)
  • Deltaic and continental depositional systems (3 days)
  • Essentials of GIS for geoscientists (1 day)
  • Presentation skills (1 day)